Need to Split Your Property Into Smaller Plots?

Reach out to us for a subdivision survey in Griffin, Thomaston, Zebulon, Peachtree City, Barnesville, Newnan, Jackson or Macon, GA

Do you own a large plot of land that you'd like to divide into smaller parts? Whether you're a commercial builder or private landowner, everyone needs to follow strict guidelines set by a zoning board. Hire the professionals at McCann Land Surveyors to schedule a lot division survey in Griffin, Thomaston, Zebulon, Peachtree City, Barnesville, Jackson, Macon, GA or a surrounding area.

We'll research existing property documents and perform new physical surveys to ensure your land is split properly. Call us today to learn more about the subdivision survey process.

Who needs a subdivision plat?

There are several common situations where a subdivision survey will be necessary. You should contact us if:

  • You want to leave property for children or grandchildren
  • You want to sell a portion of your land for commercial use
  • You plan to build near parks, public areas or flood zones

We'll ensure the entire process is completed according to local laws and regulations. You can contact us at any time for a free quote on a lot division survey.