Define the Boundaries of Your Work Site

Contact us for construction staking in the Griffin, Thomaston, Zebulon, Peachtree City, Barnesville, Newnan, Jackson & Macon, GA areas

Eager to get started on a construction project? It's important to determine the boundaries of your site first. McCann Land Surveyors offers professional construction staking services in Griffin, Thomaston, Zebulon, Peachtree City, Barnesville, Jackson, Macon, GAand surrounding areas. Construction staking will help you plan your work with confidence.

Never break ground without a clear plan in place. Call us today to schedule a construction staking.

What are the vital steps of Construction Staking?

Accurate construction staking is a critical step in a successful construction project. You can count on McCann Land Surveyors to:

  • Define the location of Slopes, Building Outlines, Parking Lots and Roadways
  • Locate underground features like Sewer, Water and Electrical Lines
  • Stake Building Corners, Interior Grid Lines, Fire Hydrants, Curbs and Gutters
  • Stake Storm and Sewer for Horizontal and Vertical Location
  • Lay out Limits of Disturbance for Silt Fence and Clearing purposes

Use our staked reference points to complete construction on schedule and on budget. Speak with us today to receive a free quote in Griffin, Thomaston, Peachtree City, Barnesville, Jackson, GA and beyond.